iSEKKO promotes and offers high quality, eco-friendly and environmentally sound teak furniture in addition to a modern line of eco-resin manufactured in Germany. All teak wood is harvested, FSC certified plantation wood from Indonesia. Along with classic teak designs, iSEKKO offers modern streamlined teak combined with stainless steel and eco-resin paired with stainless steel and aluminium for a fresh, modern look. iSEKKO features easy to maintain collections which will keep looking superb season after season.

About Teak Wood

What makes Teak wood the best of the best for outdoor furniture and patio furniture? Teak wood is always the first choice for outdoor use, because it’s exceptionally durable and requires little to no maintenance. This immensely stable timber has high oil and rubber content, a natural water repellent, which makes it virtually immune to rotting. That is why teak is a favorite for use in constructing sailboats and other ocean sailing vessels. Our outdoor Teak furniture line will last you generations to come as it is impervious to snow, rain, sun, and all-weather conditions which cause rotting. The long-lasting quality of teak wood and its excellent durability make our outdoor teak furniture line an ideal outdoor furniture option.

Benefits of Our Teak Furniture

  • Extremely strong and durable trusted wood
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Withstands severe weather conditions
  • High quality TEAK wood

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